CN Rail will no longer make crew changes for its trains using its terminal in Biggar, Sask., west of Saskatoon.

As of last Friday, staff have been switching out in Saskatoon, instead.

"Before this change, there were 212 employees who worked out of Biggar.  But only 21 per cent of them actually lived in the town," Warren Chandler, a spokesman for CN, told CBC News Tuesday. "So, employees who lived in Saskatoon were staying at the CN bunkhouse. But again, these employees that currently reside in Saskatoon, they'll now be working out of Saskatoon."

Chandler said the change does not mean anyone loses their job. However, it may have an economic impact on Biggar as the crews would no longer be making brief stays in the community — and spending money.

On its website, the town of Biggar says the presence of CN has an overall economic benefit of about $12.3 million, annually.

Biggar has a population of around 2,200.

A similar issue arose in 2005 when about 60 per cent of the Biggar-based workers lived in Saskatoon.