A kindly stranger has stepped forward offering to get a new tricycle for a Regina girl with cerebral palsy whose specialized trike was stolen from her yard.

Information about the theft, and a plea for the stolen tricycle's return, was posted to the online classified ads site Kijiji Monday by the girl's mother.

Marci Marner said her daughter was crushed when she discovered her tricycle had been taken.

"She was leaving for camp Easter Seal the next day," Marner said. "We went out last night and the bike was gone."

The tricycle was unique because, although it was difficult to find, it was ideal for her daughter.

stolen trike

Marci Marner with her daughter Leah Castle check out online postings relating to their Kijiji ad about Castle's stolen tricycle. (CBC)

"For her to have a piece of equipment that isn't modified within an inch of its life to accommodate her — that she could just jump on and go — that doesn't happen very often," Marner said.

She noted, in her ad, that whoever took the tricycle should have realized it came from a home where a person used a wheelchair.

"Clearly you could see there is a wheelchair ramp in front of our home," her ad said.

Later in the day, Marner said she heard from a stranger in New York City, an investment banker, who offered to provide a replacement tricycle.

The family also heard from other sympathetic people who made similar offers. Leah said if she ends up with more than one bike, she'll donate the extra one to the Easter Seals camp.