Smoking in cars with children under the age of 16 will be prohibited in Saskatchewan, as of Oct. 1. ((CBC))

A new law banning smoking in vehicles with children takes effect Oct. 1 in Saskatchewan.

The prohibition applies to all vehicles, whether public or private, and the age for a child is anyone under 16.

"This law will go a very long way to making it very clear to everyone that second-hand smoke is so dangerous for your kids that it's no longer allowed in a confined space like a car," Donna Pasiechnik, the manager of tobacco control and media relations for the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Cancer Society, said Thursday.

The ban is part of a set of new laws to curb smoking which is being phased in by the province.

A ban is already in place against smoking on school grounds.

In 2011 pharmacies will not be allowed to sell tobacco products.