New Saskatoon homeless shelter planned

A Saskatoon organization that serves meals to those in need plans to build a new 50-bed shelter on Avenue P.

A Saskatoon organization plans to build a new shelter for people living on the street.

The shelter would have 50 beds and be located on Avenue P near 19th Street West.

The organization, the Bridge on 20th, is a Christian faith ministry that currently serves 250 meals a day at its soup kitchen. It has fundraised $300,000 toward the cost of the new shelter but says it needs $2.2 million more.

Executive director Linda Chamagne, herself a former addict, said homeless people need support if they are to improve their lives.

"I think the biggest thing that we see is the [need for] 24/7 support," Chamagne said Thursday. "There are many people that come here that we are friends with, and we know that they earnestly want to change their life."

The Bridge on 20th is appealing to individuals, churches and businesses for donations toward the cost of its new facility. The building would also have administrative space, classrooms and meeting rooms.