Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, seen in a file photo at the legislature, would have liked a westerner in the natural resources portfolio of the federal cabinet. (CBC)

Saskatchewan's Premier says he is pleased the federal agriculture minister continues to be from his province, but Brad Wall is not impressed with Stephen Harper's choice for the natural resources portfolio.

Carrying on in the agriculture job is Gerry Ritz, from Battlefords-Lloydminster, who was first appointed to that role in 2007.

Wall was critical of Harper's pick for natural resources, Joe Oliver from a Toronto riding.

"Western Canada counts for 90 per cent of the country's oil, 93 per cent of the country's gas, 100 per cent of the country's uranium, 99 per cent of the country's coal and I think that the west needs that voice in terms of natural resources," he said.

Another Saskatchewan MP in the federal cabinet is Lynn Yelich, who is responsible for Western Economic Diversification, which she has held since 2008.

Wall said he has a good relationship with the MP for Blackstrap.

He also commented on news that Harper will appoint three new Senators.

Wall noted that Saskatchewan has legislation in place to allow people to elect a senator. He said appointing senators maintains the status quo, which many people do not like.

"I think it takes away momentum for change at the provincial level," Wall said. "I think it will probably increase calls that we hear from time to time, just saying, 'Do we really need this institution?'"

Wall said he will ask the Prime Minister what the plan is for senate reform.