Officials with Canadian Blood Services are urging people in Saskatchewan to become donors.

To book an appointment with Canadian Blood Services you can:

Nationally, the agency says inventories have dipped to the lowest point they've seen in five years, largely attributed to appointments that could not be kept. The agency is also hoping to recruit new donors to make up for those who have fallen away from regular visits.

"Right now, in Canada, we need to find 100,000 new donors this year to keep up with the kind of attrition we're facing," James Topinka, from Canadian Blood Services, told CBC News.

Donor Doug Severson knows from first-hand experience how vital a reliable blood supply can be.

"My daughter here, years ago, needed some transfusions," Severson said Friday as he rolled up his sleeve during at the Regina clinic. "I've always been wanting to give back."

While supplies are low, officials said they are not facing shortages.