Saskatchewan is running out of unique telephone numbers and a second area code — which will be 474 — is required for the province, according to officials.

Currently, the 306 prefix serves the province.

According to Bill Boyd, the provincial cabinet minister responsible for SaskTel, the demand for new phone numbers comes from wireless phones.

The agency that oversees telephone numbering systems has estimated that permutations with the 306 code will be exhausted by May of 2013.

No decisions have been made about how to implement the second area code.

The new area code could be assigned to new phone customers, leaving alone current phone numbers.

Or, the two area codes could be assigned to different parts of the province, which would require some people to switch.

"The implementation of a new area code will affect us all," Boyd said. "We would like to assure SaskTel customers that we will work to minimize the impact and will provide detailed communications prior to the changes taking effect."