skpic dr. bahera mali

Dr. Bahera Mali, of the Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region, said patients need not be too concerned over the need for some retesting. (Cici Fan/CBC)

Health officials in Regina are advising thousands of patients that recent blood tests, related to the thyroid, may have to be redone.

The Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region said the original tests were done at hospitals and clinics between Jan. 16 and Feb. 4.

The tests for parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels are now considered unreliable because some of the products used to perform the procedure have been recalled and may have produced inaccurate results. The number of tests affected was 2,952.

Despite the recall, officials said patients should not be too concerned.

"We've contacted the medical experts within the Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region and it is highly unlikely that any surgical intervention would have occurred," Dr. Bahera Mali, from the region, told reporters Friday.

According to the region, the PTH test is used to help identify gland issues in the neck and the cause of high calcium levels in the blood.

Patients will be contacted by their physicians if follow-up tests are required. Officials said special arrangements had been made to ensure test results would be available quickly.

With files from CBC's Cici Fan