Trent Wotherspoon, the NDP MLA for Regina Rosemont, will be the next leader of the official Opposition.

The New Democrat caucus said Friday that Wotherspoon has been elected to the position and the decision has their "unanimous support".

Selection of a new Opposition leader followed Cam Broten's loss in the April 4 general election. 

The NDP ended up electing 10 members. The Saskatchewan Party elected 51.

Broten resigned as NDP leader on Monday.

The NDP caucus says on April 23, it and the NDP provincial council will meet to select the interim leader of the party.

Wotherspoon said he would be willing to be interim leader, as well as Opposition leader.

The party's constitution does not prohibit an interim leader from going on to seek the permanent job, but Wotherspoon said that is not his plan.

"I've taken on this role and responsibility, in part, because I've closed the door to consideration of the permanent leadership and I'm ready to do the work that we've been asked to do in earnest," he said.