The NDP and Saskatchewan Party unveiled duelling proposals to cut property taxes on Monday.

NDP Leader Lorne Calvert said the New Democrats will give homeowners tax credits equivalent to a 30 per cent reduction of the education property tax paid on a principal residence. There are also credits worth 10 per cent of the tax paid on other residences, plus credits for renters.

For ahomeowner with a taxable assessment of $100,000 and a school division mill rate of 18.07, there will be an annual provincial income tax credit of $542.10.

The NDP is also pledging that farmers will pay on average about40 per cent of their school costs through property taxes, while the province will pick up the rest.

Meanwhile, the Saskatchewan Party introduced its own property tax relief program Monday.

According to leader Brad Wall, under the Saskatchewan Party plan, a homeowner with a $200,000 home will save about $1,460 in education property taxes over four years.

Meanwhile, a farmer with two sections of land would save about $11,000 over four years under the plan, the party said.

The tax rebate would be applied automatically tothe homeowner's or farmer's property tax notice.

Before the election was called last week, Liberal Leader David Karwacki said the Liberals want to eliminate education property taxes altogether on houses, cottages, condos, apartments and the home portion of farmland.

The issue of education tax has been a hot one for years, particularly in rural Saskatchewan.

Farmers say they have been paying a disproportionate share for schools.