The Opposition NDP is asking questions about expenditures related to a trip to London, England, by Saskatchewan's minister of social services.

According to the NDP, which obtained details of June Draude's travel expenses through a Freedom of Information request, the minister's trip included four days for a car service at a cost of $3,600.

But Draude said she has been very careful when it comes to spending money on government business.

"There isn't anybody who cares more about taxpayers dollars than I do," Draude said Wednesday. "But I also know that there are things that I have to get accomplished."

Draude also pointed out that she also saved some money, during one part of the trip, by staying at a friend's place instead of a hotel.

According to the government, overall spending on travel is less compared to the previous NDP administration.

With files from CBC's Stefani Langenegger