delores stevenson

Delores Stevenson, an aunt to Nadine Machiskinic, organized the walk and vigil. (CBC)

A sombre vigil was held Sunday in Regina as family and friends gathered to mark the death, a year ago, of Nadine Machiskinic who was found with critical injuries at the bottom of a hotel laundry chute.

Machiskinic, 29, is believed to have fallen 10 storeys down the laundry service chute at the Delta Hotel in downtown Regina. The mother of four died in hospital.

Police have said they do not suspect foul play, but their investigation was ongoing.

Family members said they have yet to see a report from the provincial coroner's office.

Machiskinic's aunt, Delores Stevenson, said Sunday she hopes more information is provided in the case.

Participants started the vigil with a short walk from the Osler Street headquarters of the Regina police before proceeding to Saskatchewan Drive where the Delta Hotel is located.

"It's been tough ... to have to wait for answers," Stevenson said. "[There are] questions surrounding the circumstances of her death and what happened to her."

Stevenson said her questions involve how the woman came to be at the hotel at 4 a.m. CST the day she died.

"Maybe somebody hurt her," she said.

While Stevenson acknowledged that Machiskinic had been leading a high-risk lifestyle, a suggestion from authorities about how the woman died leaves her with questions.

"The police ... gave us a scenario that she was an intoxicated woman who wandered to the Delta Hotel and put herself in a laundry chute, which doesn't make sense," she said.

Stevenson added she hopes Sunday's walk and vigil will raise awareness of other cases across Canada that may be similar to that of Machiskinic.

"There's been quite a silence," Stevenson said, in reference to the death of her niece. "I think we're ready to break that silence and shine more light on the story."

Nadine Machiskinic

Nadine Machiskinic, a mother of four, died at Regina's Delta Hotel more than two years ago. (Delores Stevenson)