A Prince Albert resident says she is getting fed up with repeated — and inexplicable — attacks on her pets, so much so that she is considering moving out of the city.

"I'm really tired of it, it's not fair to my animals," Judy Bradbury told CBC News after the most recent injury suffered by one of her dogs. "There's some really sick individuals out there."

Bradbury said her dog Wiccan was let out to the backyard of her East Hill area home for about 15 minutes and when she was let back in, she had a gaping hole on her front shoulder area. The dog needed stitches leading to a $500 veterinary bill.

injured dog

Judy Bradbury's dog Wiccan needed several stitches to close a gaping wound on its front shoulder. (CBC)

Bradbury went through her backyard looking for anything that could have caused such a gash, but found nothing.

"So it had to be somebody who, in the front of the house, either stuck their arm or long knife or something through and cut her shoulder," Bradbury believes.

She added it isn't the first time one of her dogs has been mysteriously injured, recalling six incidents in recent years. She has dealt with a dog whose tail was cut and another that was hit on the head so hard it broke the skin.

Bradbury said the neighbourhood has changed from when she moved in, some 15 years ago.

"It was a nice area," she said. "It was gorgeous when we first moved in here. Great people around. Then it started falling apart. People's homes were broken into. I've had drunks walk in my front door."

Bradbury said other people in the area have also had experiences with injured pets. Neighbours have spoken about poisoned cats and dogs. One told of a dog with a broken jaw.

Police in Prince Albert told CBC News they consider the most recent case an isolated incident, adding they receive very few calls about such incidents.

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon