muslim community

Zarqa Nawaz, with the Islamic Association, spoke to reporters in Regina Thursday. (CBC)

Members of Saskatchewan's Muslim community were at the legislature in Regina Thursday asking the province for assistance to prevent religious radicalism.

The recent shooting on Parliament Hill has re-ignited the concern among Muslims about extremists who commit violence in the name of Islam.

The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan said a strong social safety net is needed to deal with mentally ill people who may resort to extremism.

Zarqa Nawaz was with the group that met provincial cabinet ministers Thursday to emphasize the value of treatment.

"So that when people who have mental illness or instabilities come through our mosques, we can deal with them in a more proactive manner," Nawaz said. "We feel that given what had happened in Ottawa it's better to more prepared and be much more proactive."

The Islamic Association called on the province to provide a counselling service the community can turn to, when encountering someone showing signs of being unstable.