It took a long time to pump out the water that flooded the basement. ((CBC))

Regina's music community has come together to help with a clean up of a popular local nightclub, The Exchange, which was inundated by more than two metres of water last week after a water main break.

The building is home to artwork, furniture, and equipment for the local band Library Voices.

Staff came in to work Thursday morning last week to find the basement full of water.

Scheduled concerts have been moved to other venues and volunteers have been rallying to assist with the massive clean up.

Musician Matt Goud was labouring in the musty, humid basement all day but said he felt obliged to help his friends.


Musician Matt Goud was one of several volunteers who helped with clean-up. ((CBC))

"We're all good friends with a band that rehearses here and have played a lot of music here over the years, so it's kind of personal to come down and help out," said Goud.

The band Library Voices lost all their equipment in the flood. But most of the band's members have been by at least once to get the place cleaned up.

"I feel bad for them" said Goud. "The first time I came down here, it was pretty overwhelming. We're all really supportive," he added, noting there is a strong sentimental attachment to the venue. "When I was growing up, I wanted to play at The Exchange. Over the years, I did get to play a lot here. We're all a part of it."

Mike Dawson is a member of the band and artistic director of The Exchange.

"The reality is, we've lost so much. Everything we own, but we haven't really stopped to assess that. We're just trying to get everything cleaned up and get the venue running."

The clean-up will continue all weekend and organizers are hoping people from the community will come by and lend a hand.