The power of music is ringing loud and clear for a Regina woman.

She says musical therapy is helping her cope with cancer.

Armed with a guitar, Karen Prychitko faces the fight of her life. Last year, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

It has taken over so many parts of her body, including her brain and liver, that she can't remember them all.

"I have a lot on my plate, a lot against me," Prychitko said. "It is kind of intense."

Prychitko said she has gone through extensive treatments, but the only thing that really heals her pain is music.
"It made me feel much more relaxed, like I could eat again," she said.
After she was diagnosed, Prychitko got in touch with Melinda Van Hove, a music therapist with Regina Palliative Care.

"Feelings don't last forever," Van Hove said. "Feelings can change and music can help support that change."
After meeting Van Hove, Prychitko learned to sing and to the play the guitar. She even wrote a song, a gift she gave to her family for Christmas.

Prychitko said her nephews are a big part of her life and she wants them to remember the lessons she has learned herself.

"I am trying to set that incentive for them to travel and to not be afraid of anything," Prychitko said.

Now that she has experienced what music can do firsthand, Prychitko is hoping to write another song.