It appears lady luck has been smiling on people in Saskatchewan lately.

People across the province have been claiming big lottery prizes over the past few months, and the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation says there's still an unclaimed prize out there from a ticket worth $1 million that was sold in Regina. 

'We've had quite a streak of luck in Kindersley for a town of about 5,000 people.' - Kevin van Egdom

Ruth and Duane Hume from Unity cashed in a $1 million prize from a Lotto 6/49 draw April 4. 

Kindersley has been on a particular hot streak with several people winning major prizes from tickets bought in the community over the past three months:

  • Feb. 18: David Renwick wins $72,000 on 6/49 (ticket bought at 7-Eleven Food Store on 11 Avenue E. in Kindersley).
  • March 6: Patricia Desjarlais wins $1 million on Western Max (ticket bought at the Kindersley Co-op Gas Bar at 701 11th Avenue E.).
  • April 10: Curtis Chester wins $1 million on Western Max (ticket bought at Midtown Foods,128 1st Street W. in Kindersley).

Kevin van Egdom is with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. He says such luck was previously unheard of in Kindersley. Before March, he said, the community had never had a million-dollar winner. Now, there are two. 

"We've had quite a streak of luck in Kindersley for a town of about 5,000 people," van Egdom said. "Obviously for such a small place we don't [often] see winners of this magnitude that close together."

While van Egdom says it's not often a community mints two new millionaires in two months, he doesn't ever count any odds out — even if it seems like a long shot. 

"I always say, when you're dealing with lotteries and you're dealing with probability, if it's possible [then] it's going to happen at some point," he said.

He noted there was a similar lucky streak in the hamlet of Peers in Alberta eight years ago. It was home to two multi-million dollar winners within two years of one another.

Million dollar ticket in Regina?

Saskatchewan's next lotto winner is out there, somewhere, according to officials who say the Lotto 6/49 draw on Saturday included a $1 million prize for a ticket that was sold in Regina.

"We always encourage everyone to check all their tickets. Even if you didn't win a million dollars, you might have won something else, and we'd like you to have that money in your pocket and we'd like you to claim it," van Egdom said. 

It is possible someone has done some checking because on Thursday the WCLC announced that a media event was set for Friday afternoon, in Regina, where "Saskatchewan's $1 million Lotto 6/49 prize winner" would be introduced.

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