Brad Trost, the MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt, says he will continue to oppose federal dollars being provided to the organization Planned Parenthood.

But Trost says he needs more information before he comments on his government’s decision to renew funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

During the federal election campaign, the Conservative MP told the Saskatchewan ProLife Association that, thanks in part to petitions from the group, the federal government had stopped giving money to Planned Parenthood.

But CBC News learned this week that International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda had decided to approve funding for the group’s proposal to provide contraception and sex education in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan and Tanzania. The money will not pay for abortions.

Trost said his opposition to funding is based on his understanding that the organization supports legal abortions.

"A part of their mission statement is to support abortion, which I view as morally wrong," he said.

Trost says he’s waiting until next week to say anything more on Oda's decision.

"I’m not 100 per cent fully informed on everything, but early next week I anticipate you’ll get a really detailed response from me," Trost told CBC News.

"I’ve never supported funding Planned Parenthood and it appears – I’m still learning – it appears that there has been funding for them, and as I learn more details I will respond. But my position will be absolutely 100 per cent consistent with things I’ve said in the past."

"We’ll wait to see what decisions have and have not been made."

After Trost said last April that Planned Parenthood had been "de-funded," Oda said in a statement that the group was eligible for funding as long as their proposal fit the government’s criteria.

Planned Parenthood’s Canadian funding had run out in 2009, and their 2009 and 2010 applications got no response from the government. They resubmitted their application in 2011, following the Canadian election, and revised it in cooperation with Canadian International Development Agency staff.

The organization got confirmation of the approval Thursday after CBC News broke the story.

with files from Dan Zakreski