An RCMP member from the Craik detachment was injured and taken to hospital after his car rolled on a grid road late Sunday night.

The single-vehicle accident happened just after 11 p.m. in the RM of Sarnia, close to the town of Craik.

The 35-year-old constable had been on his way to help other officers at a domestic disturbance call when he lost control of the car, hit the ditch and rolled several times, the RCMP said.

The car, a Ford Crown Victoria, was right side up when it stopped rolling.

A passerby stopped and was able to call for help using the police radio. That brought first responders from the Holdfast area, as well as crews from  the Davidson and Craik fire departments and Davidson EMS.

Hydraulic rescue tools were used to cut the officer from the car.

He was then taken by a STARS air ambulance helicopter to a Regina hospital.

RCMP said it was a serious accident, but would not provide any information on the officer's condition on Tuesday.