Emotions ran high in a Regina courtroom Wednesday during the bail hearing for a woman accused of killing a four-year-old girl and hurting the girl's two-year-old sister.

Natasha Goforth, the mother of the two girls, lashed out at the accused and attempted to lunge at the woman.

Sheriffs quickly intervened and removed the mother from the court.

Outside, she told news media that she was upset.

"I deserve justice," she said. "I know my daughter needs that. And I was wondering why they would never let me see my babies. And look at what they did to her."


June Alexis Dawn Goforth died in hospital August 2. (Family photo)

June Alexis Dawn Goforth died in hospital August 2 of injuries that police said suggested she had been neglected and abused. 

"She was a beautiful girl," Natasha Goforth also said. "She loved life. She was a happy little girl."

According to police, the children were in the care of Tammy Lynn Goforth, 35, a cousin to the mother.

She has been charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Also accused in the case is Kevin Eric Goforth, 37.

Wednesday's bail hearing was adjourned until next week.

The police investigation began August 1,  when officers were dispatched to a Regina hospital after getting a report that a four-year-old girl had been brought to the emergency room in an unresponsive state. She was revived but died the next day.

Upon further investigation, officers also discovered injuries to the younger sister, who was also taken to hospital.

That child has been released from hospital and is reportedly improving. No further details about that child were available.