A province-wide crackdown on speeders has resulted in 4,028 tickets being written last month, Saskatchewan Government Insurance says.

In June, when police targeted a different traffic offence (not wearing seatbelts), they wrote about 1,600 speeding tickets.

Of the July tickets, three were for drivers going twice the speed limit — or even faster.

Police also issued 426 seatbelt violations, 544 tickets for distracted driving (including 457 for
cellphone use) and 16 tickets for impaired driving.

This month, police around the province are cracking down on distracted drivers, including cellphone users.

What does a car look like when it goes twice the speed limit? Click below and see! (200 km/h versus 100 km/h)

a car going 100km/h with a car going 200km/h.
50 meters