More than 100 complaints of travel fraud in Kindersley, Sask.

Dozens of alleged fraud victims in Kindersley are coming forward after they say their travel agent closed up shop and failed to plan their trips.

Kindersley RCMP currently investigating 165 complaints of fraud

Brian Klein says this sign was left on the door of T & T Travel Ltd. in Kindersley. (Brain Klein/Submitted)

Dozens of alleged fraud victims in Kindersley are coming forward after they say their travel agent closed up shop and failed to plan their trips.

In August, Brian Klein says he and his family booked a $19,000 trip to a Mexican resort through T & T Travel Ltd.

The group of nine paid for the trip using a combination of cheques and credit cards. Klein was able to provide CBC with receipts of payment and travel documents, provided to him from T & T Travel Ltd.

Klein said he had booked vacations through the agency "religiously" over the past 15 to 20 years.

In January, Klein grew anxious as his February departure date approached. He hadn't received a confirmation or booking number from the Kindersley travel agent.

According to Klein, he and his wife went down to T & T Travel Ltd. to speak with the owner to make sure everything was booked.

"She was smiling, happy, laughing. She goes, 'Everything is good. You guys are going to have a good time, all is good.' Tickets should be coming around pretty soon now,'" said Klein.

Two weeks later, Klein saw a sign posted on the door of T & T Travel Ltd. stating the business was closed.

Brian Klein says T & T Travel LTD. is being investigated for travel fraud. (Google Maps)

Klein called the tour company to check if his tour package had been booked. The company had no record of it.

"I've never felt like that before. The feeling was overwhelming, sickening," said Klein.

"I can't explain it. I've never felt that, just sick. Sick. I felt like throwing up. I couldn't believe it."

He also called the hotel they were planning on staying at for the two-week vacation.

"Sure enough, no booking. They never had anything. There was not a block of rooms booked in T & T Travel's name," said Klein.

Klein filed a complaint with the Kindersley RCMP and posted about his experience on Facebook last week.

"Everyone started coming out of the woodwork," said Klein.

Klein started a Facebook group where people all over Canada have been sharing their bad experience with the travel agency.

The RCMP have now received 165 complaints against the business and are investigating the case. There have been no charges laid. They would not confirm the complaints are against T & T Travel Ltd.

Klein and his family are trying to salvage a trip to Mexico even though they might not have the money to recreate the one they originally planned.

"We're kind of on a roller coaster and we're just on the downward slide. We're trying to get things together for a trip but its kind of hard when you got two weeks left," said Klein.

Wedding Woes

Kerri Fortin says she was offered a promotional wedding package from T & T Travel Ltd. on Facebook. It was a dream come true, that turned into a nightmare. 

Fortin and her fiance Chris Bleile booked a destination wedding to Mexico with the Kindersley travel agency, at a cost of about $44,000, according to Fortin.

Fortin said the travel agency stopped being in contact, so she called the five-star resort to check if she was booked.

That's when the hotel told her she still owed money for the wedding package. 

"I was the luckiest the person on Earth and to find out it was all a scam, it's devastating, it's heartbreaking," she said. 

Jason Grosse said he was one of the 36 guests invited to attend the November wedding. 

I was the luckiest the person on Earth and to find out it was all a scam, it's devastating, it's heartbreaking.- Kerri Fortin

Grosse lives in Edmonton but says he heard through relatives that the Kindersley business had closed. He heard about Klien's Facebook post and grew wary.

He called the airline to check if they had a booking. After speaking to a supervisor, Grosse said he discovered that they had only received a $300 deposit.

"It's something you think wouldn't happen to you. You see it on the news, you never think its going to happen to you. Being that it was from a small town, everyone knows each other. I put my trust in that person and she screwed us," said Grosse.

Grosse is hopeful he'll get his money back through his credit card company but says he feels "frustrated, disappointed and quite sad for my brother-in-law and his fiance."

As for Fortin, she said her big day is ruined, and wants the travel agent to know how she feels.  

"I just want her to know that every time I look at my beautiful ring, I'm going to think about her face and how she ruined one of the biggest days of my life. Like how one heartless person can have such an impact on a community is so sad," Fortin said. 

CBC tried to contact T & T Ltd. A voicemail said the business was no longer operating as of Jan. 22.