French teacher

Daniel Dion says the province needs to invest in Saskatchewan-specific French material he can use in teaching his science class. (CBC)

Teachers at Regina's only Francophone high school say they don't have the necessary materials to teach their classes. 

Daniel Dion, who teaches science at École Monseigneur de Laval, said he spends a lot of time trying to make material from other provinces relevant in his classroom, simply because some materials are not available in French in Saskatchewan. 

"For me all of my prep time is dedicated to adapting resources and developing new resources because often I can't find the resources that I need therefore I have to create my own resources," said Dion. 

Dion wants the government to develop resources that are specific to Saskatchewan, adding that other provinces are doing a better job at coming up with materials for their French schools. 

"The big challenge is that the government is setting expectations on levels we have to achieve as teachers and for our students and by not having the resources nor the tools to do our job, it makes attaining those achievement levels very difficult," said Dion. 

The Ministry of Education said it is aware of the disparity between French and English resources, but it is doing what it can.

"In our province and in all the other provinces, we have difficulty getting French language resources from the publishers because it is a smaller market for them," explained Donna Johnson, assistant deputy minister of education. 

The Francophone School Division said more needs to be done, and instead of looking to other regions for French materials that may not be suitable in Saskatchewan the ministry needs to make an effort to develop home grown curriculum in the language.