Saskatoon gets rain skpic

Saskatoon got 23.7 mm of rain on Wednesday, just under an inch. (CBC)

That was one soggy evening across Saskatchewan Wednesday night, with numerous communities getting 25 millimetres of rain (about an inch) or more.

Regina police told CBC News they had to deal with a number of stranded vehicles in water-filled underpasses.

At around 9 p.m. CST, the Albert Street underpass was flooded and police cars were parked to stop drivers from trying to make it through.

There were also reports of some basement flooding and flooded residential streets.

"Half of my basement is destroyed. My room that I've had renovated is all destroyed," Regina resident Scott Landrie said. "It's got sewage problems. I'm going to have to get it cleaned, go through another insurance claim."

Here's Environment Canada's list of communities that received significant rainfall yesterday. The statistics cover the period from midnight to midnight:

  • Regina 34.8 mm
  • Moose Jaw 30.4 mm
  • Indian Head 30.5 mm
  • Saskatoon 23.7 mm
  • Estevan 16.9
  • Indian Head 30.5
  • Bratt's Lake 37.3
  • Last Mountain 31.5
  • Val Marie 24.9

CBC Saskatchewan weather consultant Wayne Miskolczi said more rain is in the forecast for today as a storm system in the U.S. pushes north into the province.

"It's still going to be quite wet in many parts of south and central Saskatchewan," he said.