Cold weather on the Prairies

Temperatures were well into the -30s on the Prairies on New Year's Eve. (Ron Rabe via Twitter)

On the last day of 2013, six cold-weather records fell in Saskatchewan as the brutal Prairie cold snap continued.

For a second day in a row, Uranium City in the province's far north was Canada's cold spot, bottoming out at -45 C. 

"P.A. and Melfort, northward, temperatures are -40 and colder," said CBC weather consultant Wayne Miskolczi. "This does not include wind chill — this is straight temperature. So, extremely cold." 

Cold weather records for Dec. 31 were set in Buffalo Narrows (-41.5), Collins Bay (-38.8), Meadow Lake (-36.8), Southend (-41.1), Uranium City (-45.1) and Wynyard (-39).

Despite the frosty temperatures, most people went about their business as usual.

CBC reporter Stefani Langenegger said she received a surprise when she closed her car door in Regina, where temperatures this week have ranged between -20 and -30, and the back window shattered.

 "I heard this 'Whoosh', and I thought, 'Oh wow, a big chunk of ice just fell off the back of my car,'" she said. "I looked, and no, it was the rear window of my car that fell inside my car.'

She said auto glass shops told here it's not common, but it does happen from time to time.

Six records set in Saskatchewan