Ominous clouds above Moosomin earlier on Thursday. (Sean Schofer/TVN/Twitter)

The summer of 2014 is quickly turning into a string of nasty weather events for people in the Moosomin area after an intense thunderstorm reportedly dropped large hail in the area early Thursday evening.

Environment Canada was tracking a line of severe thunderstorms moving across southeast Saskatchewan that brought with it strong wind gusts, large hail and significant rain.

According to the agency, storm spotters reported quarter sized hail and 50 mm of rain in 20 minutes in Moosomin.

People in the area told CBC News that there were two blasts of rain, along with hail.

Other sources, on social media, said the amount may be double that in some areas.

Moosomin hail

Hail the size a dime hit parts of Moosomin. (Kristy Stewart/Twitter)