Moose Jaw woman 'shocked' by conditions at new hospital

A Moose Jaw woman says she was shocked by cleanliness issues and under-staffing at the city's new hospital.

Cheryl Pakula says she saw syringes, medical waste piled on floor

Cheryl Pakula said her family ended up bringing in their own cleaning supplies. (Cheryl Pakula)

A Moose Jaw woman is taking issue with the level of cleanliness and care provided at the city's new hospital.

Cheryl Pakula spent 13 days at the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital at the bedside of a dying relative, and said the conditions were almost more than she could take.

Cheryl Pakula and Danielle Chartier are blaming the province's Lean program for the conditions at the Moose Jaw hospital. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

"I was quite shocked and saddened by what I saw at the hospital in terms of cleanliness issues," Pakula said. 

Pakula said there were syringes and other medical waste piled on the floor. Her family ended up bringing in their own disinfectant from home to make sure things stayed clean.

She also said that, at times, there was only one nurse staffed in the intensive care unit.

Blame placed on Lean program

Pakula said she thinks the province's Lean program is to blame for the hospital's conditions and staffing issues.

The Lean program was introduced as a way to streamline the work employees do, thereby saving taxpayers money.  

NDP health critic Danielle Chartier agreed that Lean is part of the problem.  

"Lean has made a huge mess of this. We have a short staffing issue in the hospital. We have a hospital that's filthy," Chartier said. 

Since the hospital opened there have been 15 complaints about hospital cleanliness, according to Five Hills Health Region CEO Cheryl Craig. (Cheryl Pakula)

Cheryl Craig, CEO of Five Hills Health Region, admitted that there are growing pains at the new hospital, but disagreed that the problems are caused by Lean.

So far, there have been 15 complaints about hospital cleanliness and emergency room overcrowding. But Craig said most of the reviews have been positive. 

She said they're looking to address the cleaning issue. 

"When we talk about cleanliness, this is something the hospital staff take great pride in... and none of the staff want to be part of a hospital that isn't clean," Craig said.

Cheryl Pakula said the conditions at the new Moose Jaw hospital were 'shocking.' (Cheryl Pakula)


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