Water on the Moose Jaw River is flowing freely again following a tense 24 hours that saw some flooding in the city on Friday.

"The water has gone down so everything is just flowing through the channel right now," Rod Montgomery, Moose Jaw's deputy fire chief and emergency measures organization coordinator, told CBC News Saturday. "It's flowing freely. There's no more ice."

The flooding from Friday left behind piles of ice on land, he said, adding the outlook for the next few days was favourable.

"We're expecting the status quo, right now," he said, referring to water levels on the Moose Jaw River. "By Monday, we're actually hoping to see a bit of a reduction."

He said Friday's surge has subsided and "everything looks good now."

Homes in low-lying areas fought against the water with sandbags and dikes and most, Montgomery said, were successful.

He said there were reports of homes with water in the basement, but he did not have an exact number.

"We've lifted our evacuation notice and everything," he said. "It's a beautiful day here today."


A bridge south of Moose Jaw on Friday. (Submitted by the Rogoschewsky Family)