Nearly 100 people who used debit cards to buy tickets at the Galaxy Cinemas in Moose Jaw, Sask., between May 20 and July 3 have each had hundreds of dollars stolen from their bank accounts, police say.

The thieves put a "skimming" device on the PIN pad of a stand-alone ticket kiosk at the theatre to obtain account details and numbers, said Cpl. Dave Purdy of the Moose Jaw police.

'The average loss per card is probably around $750.' — Cpl. Dave Purdy

They then used that information to make counterfeit cards and access bank accounts, he said.

"We've had probably at least 97 cards that have been compromised," Purdy said. "The average loss per card is probably around $750. It appears that all these transactions, done with these cards, were done in Quebec after this information was taken from them."

Purdy said the first reports of missing money surfaced Tuesday, but police expect more people to come forward once they check their bank accounts.

Anyone who thinks they may have been affected by the skimming scam should contact police and their bank, he said.

The movie theatre has upgraded its kiosks to prevent the problem from happening again, Purdy said.