The Five Hills Health Region is warning people who ate or drank at Browns Social House in Moose Jaw on Saturday, April 5 about a possible risk of Hepatitis A infection.

The Health Region says it's investigating after a person with Hepatitis A was at the restaurant on April 5 between 5 p.m. CST and closing time that evening. 

The health region's written release says there is a very small risk of exposure to Hepatitis A in this case, but people may become sick if they have not been vaccinated for Hepatitis A or have not had the virus before. 

Hepatitis A is caused by a virus that infects the liver. Symptoms include fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, and jaundice.

There is no specific treatment for Hepatitis A, however, it can be prevented with a vaccine.

The health region is offering a vaccine to individuals who ate or drank at the restaurant. The vaccine will be available April 14-17. 

Following an inspection of Browns Social House, the health region says the restaurant complies with public health codes and does not pose any risk of infection.

People who were at Browns in Moose Jaw on April 5 after 5 p.m. are advised to call 1-888-425-1111 to receive the Hepatitis A vaccine.