A group of women gathered at The Quilt Patch, a quilting store in downtown Moose Jaw, to sew quilts for flood victims in Alberta.

"We hope that ultimately, they will realize that we care," said Jeanne Large, the store owner and organizer of the event. "Even though we were very fortunate ourselves that we don't have to deal with what they're dealing with, we do have compassion for them and their situation."

This is one of many quilting efforts across the province. Colleen Oshowy is one of the quilters who's putting her fingers at work for the cause.

"You always help your friends, your neighbours," said Oshowy. "That's the part of being [from] Saskatchewan, that's the part of being Canadian, we just help each other.

When the quilts are completed they will be sent to Sherwood Park. Another quilt store there will then send them to a distribution centre.

"A great thing about a quilt is it offers not just something that is useful," said Large. "It's starting to rebuild their possessions, but it offers comfort as well."

The women are hoping they will have as many as 50 quilts to send off to Alberta.

The store is also accepting donated quilts. Some have come in already from across the province, including Lloydminster and Regina.