The City of Moose Jaw recently fired its top official, with the mayor saying council wants to go in a new direction.

Garry McKay worked for Moose Jaw for 38 years, with the last ten years as city manager.

McKay said he learned of being fired on Thursday.

"I knew it was a possibility because when you have a new council they take some time to review the leadership, and there was an election last fall," McKay said. "But I was surprised."

McKay added he does not hold any ill-will over being fired.

"[There are] more important things in life than to, you know, waste your time on being bitter," he said. "So I'm going out with my head up high."

Moose Jaw will be looking for an interim manager, until they find a replacement.

Moose Jaw's mayor, Deb Higgins, says the city wants to go in a new direction.