The Saskatchewan government says there are still too many moose in the southern part of the province, so it's drawing names for another 350 licences to hunt the animals.

Tuesday's draw is the second time this year hunters have been selected for such licences.

Applicants who are successful will find out by mail next month. Moose hunting season is in October and November.

The province estimates there are 50,000 moose in Saskatchewan, with 10 per cent of those in the south.

According to Chuck Lees, a spokesman for the Environment Ministry, moose sightings in the southern part of the province used to be less common. It's believed the numbers are up because winters have been warmer, there's a good food supply and there are no natural predators.   The government says it wants to reduce the number of moose in southern areas to cut down on collisions and property damage. There have been several highway fatalities in recent years involving moose.

With the additional draw, there'll be 3,000 moose licences for what's called southern wildlife management zones, compared to 2,195 last year.