This moose is one of two that wandered into Regina about a month ago. The second moose was tranquillized on Sunday, but died. The surviving moose was last seen around Willow Island. Sheila Coles/CBC

One of two moose that had wandered into a park in the heart of Regina weeks ago has died following an attempt to move him out of the city.

The two bull moose had wandered into Wascana Park. 

They were spotted around the islands in the frozen lake, and were seen walking around the park.

According to conservation officers, it was feared the animals were getting too aggressive, and plans were made to tranquillize them and take them out of the city.

They were not easy to approach and weeks went by.

On Sunday, the two moose were spotted near the Wascana swimming pool.

Conservation officer Kevin Sarty managed to get close enough to shoot one in the leg with a tranquillizer gun.

"The dart did drop about a foot, so we got the moose in the lower leg," Sarty explained. "It took about 10 minutes for it to go down."

Conservation officers and police moved the moose to a flatbed truck. It was taken outside the city to be set free.

However, CBC was later told the moose did not survive.

The second moose is still staying at Wascana Park, and was seen Monday morning at Willow Island.