A couple of caring Saskatchewan residents are being applauded by local conservation officers for rescuing an abandoned young moose this week.

According to an online post, a sergeant with the Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers received a call about an abandoned moose calf east of Prince Albert.

Residents in the area saw the calf four days prior, bawling for its mother out in a field and moving closer to their farm.

Greta moose Saskatchewan

Greta has been taken to the Heavenly Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Farm. (Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers)

It spent a couple days there and was slowly losing strength before they decided to take in the moose and report the incident to Conservation Officers and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

The individuals tube fed the moose, which they named Greta, back to a healthier state before it was picked up by the officer.

Moose specialist Rob Tether helped the conservation officer determine that Greta was a good candidate to be transferred to Heavenly Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Farm. There, she will be cared for until she is healthy enough to be released.

The Association notes that similar situations should be reported as soon as possible so that the animal is able to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild quickly.