The former head of the University of Regina Students' Union (URSU) has admitted to taking money, but the two organizations she worked for are each denying responsibility for recovering the cash.

Haanim Nur admitted in a recent article in the Carillon, the student newspaper, that she took some money while she was the union's vice-president of finance earlier this year.

Around that time, Nur also held an executive role with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a national students' organization.

The federation says it discovered some forged cheques totaling $700 and traced them back to Nur.

While the CFS was investigating the forged cheques, Nur sought the presidency of URSU and won. But when the student union's board was informed of the forgery allegations in June, Nur resigned.

Neither CFS nor URSU has recovered the money nor contacted police, with both organizations saying the stolen money wasn't theirs.

"It was money that was owed to the federation by the students' union," said CFS chairman Adam Awad.

However, URSU denies that claim, saying the CFS had signing authority over the money.

"We're going to hope for the best that CFS does deal with this accordingly," said Mitch Simpson, the students' union current vice-president of finance.

"We can't really do too much about it, as it wasn't URSU's money that was being stolen."

Officials with the University of Regina also said they cannot step in, since both URSU and the CFS are incorporated organizations and it is therefore up to them to investigate the matter.

Nur did not respond to CBC News' requests for comment.


  • This article has been changed from a previously published version. It clarifies which student newspaper Haanim Nur spoke to.
    Oct 26, 1970 12:20 AM CT