Mobile shop does tire changes anywhere

A growing trend in the service industry — going mobile — has found another business offering: tire change-overs on the spot.

New business operates without traditional 'bricks and mortar' shop

Consumers have another choice when it comes to changing over to winter tires, Tiffany Cassidy reports. 2:00

A growing trend in the service industry — going mobile — has found another business offering: tire change-overs on the spot.

Consumers are familiar with having to book an appointment at a tire shop in order to change their tires.

Now a company called Mobile Tire is ready to do the work in a shopping centre parking lot or even your own driveway.

Co-owner Cody Herauf says the business has found a niche by providing quick service to people who need a tire-change right away.

"There was another couple walking by and the husband had to be at work that evening and was all scared to drive and stuff and they were asking us, pretty much begging us, to change their tires for them," Herauf said of one recent experience.

One customer, Faron McKay, said he went shopping while his winter tires were installed.

"You could go walk to Superstore or walk to wherever," he said. "It's more or less a convenient way for us and them."

Conventional tire shops do not seem to be losing out, because of the new service. At one Kal Tire outlet, the sale of winter tires was up this year compared to last.

Many businesses are using the go-mobile concept, which eschews bricks and mortar shops.

Among them: pet grooming and car and truck washing services.

With files from CBC's Tiffany Cassidy