Saskatchewan and B.C. sports ministers have set a friendly wager on the outcome of Saturday's Canadian Junior Football League championship game between the Saskatoon Hilltops and the Langley Rams.

Saskatchewan's Kevin Doherty challenged B.C.'s Bill Bennett. The wager was announced in a news release Friday.

If the Hilltops defeat the Rams, Bennett will have to bury his B.C. pride and don a Hilltops' jersey for a day. Should the Hilltops lose to the Rams, Doherty will have to wear a Langley jersey.

The game takes place at the McLeod Athletic Stadium in Langley.

The Hilltops advanced to the Canadian championship after defeating the London Beefeaters 51-7 at Gordie Howe Bowl in Saskatoon to win the CJFL semifinal.

"I'm pretty sure the odds are in my favour," Doherty said in the release. "The Saskatoon Hilltops are vying for their third straight Canadian Championship. They know how to win football games. I am proud to support them, and proud they are representing Saskatchewan."

"The Langley Rams are on a roll — these guys have momentum and I know they're going to give us a great game," Bennett countered. "Some of these athletes may go on to professional careers, and we're really pleased to be able to support them along the way. I'm confident that the Rams jersey is going to look wonderful on Minister Doherty."

The Hilltops have won the national title 15 times in their 65 year history. The Rams have never won a Canadian Bowl title.