In Regina this week, a gaggle of children were indulging in their shared love of blocky graphics, diamond mining and pig farming — Minecraft, in other words.

The videogame has become a huge global phenomenon, particularly among school-aged children.

With Minecraft, kids enter a world where they build anything from houses to gardens. 


A camp participant takes a break from creating Minecraft-based art to play the real thing on her tablet. (CBC)

Some children, like seven-year-old Sawyer Cherington of Regina, play the Lego-like game every day.

"You can follow your imagination and do anything," said Cherington, who was attending a Bricks 4 Kidz camp this week where children were using blocks, paper and Plasticine to build the gadgets and characters from the game.

"I like building stuff and connecting with my friends," Jayce Langton, also at the camp, added.

The goal of the camp, according to Randene Rourke, from Bricks 4 Kidz, is for youngsters to tap into Minecraft's world and add their own creative touches.

"It's a creative world," Rourke explained. "What some of the kids have done at camp here is they bring what they do in their games into play at camp, and its really great."