City councillor Michael Fougere represents Ward 4 in the southeast part of the city. (CBC)

Regina city councillor Michael Fougere has confirmed he's running for mayor.

The five-term councillor said he thinks he can make a contribution to the city.

"I really want to take a leadership role to move our city forward," he said. "Simply, I think I'm the right person for the right time to do this. I'm ready to go forward."

Fougere staked out his territory as a stay-the-course kind of candidate.

"I strongly believe in the direction of our city. We're on a growth scenario here. We're growing very fast, and we're on the right track. And I want to make sure we stay on that track."

Fougere is considered a leading candidate to replace Pat Fiacco, who was on hand when Fougere threw his hat in the ring Tuesday.

On Feb. 14, Fiacco surprised many by announcing he will not be running in the Oct. 24 election.

Others who say they will run for the city's top job include businessman David Robert (Bob) Loblaw and environmental advocate Jim Elliott.