Saskatchewan's Minister of Health says a plan to merge hospital pediatric units in Regina will only go ahead if the province is satisfied the move will not compromise quality.

Parents of children undergoing treatment for cancer have expressed concern about the plan which they say could put vulnerable patients in close proximity to unsterile environments.

On Monday, Saskatchewan's health minister met with parents and learned how youngsters receiving cancer care at the Pasqua Hospital can move around the ward and play with toys because it is germ free.

The parents said a regular pediatric wards would be too dangerous for children with compromised immune systems.

Minister Dustin Duncan said he appreciates the parents' concerns.

"Not just that their children are safe while they're undergoing cancer care, but they have as best a quality of life as possible," Duncan said.

Duncan added officials with the health region know he must sign off on the merger plan, or it won't happen.

Nicky Wagner's daughter Peyton is being treated at the Pasqua. She said Monday the environment there makes a big difference.

"We are able to walk up and down the hallway and she was able to learn how to walk in that unit," Wagner said. "My fear is that if they were consolidated that she would be confined to her room."

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is looking at consolidating pediatric oncology at the Pasqua Hospital with kids units at the Regina General Hospital.

With files from CBC's Stefani Langenegger