The Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon has acquired a sculpture by Kim Adams, thanks to a gift from BMO.

Adams' work Love Birds was part of a donation valued at $175,000 and will become a centrepiece of the new art gallery under construction in Saskatoon.

It will be on display at Saskatoon's Western Development Museum starting on Friday.

"He is an internationally significant artist," Lisa Baldissera, chief curator for the Mendel, said Tuesday. "Kim is someone we had identified that we wanted to collect. His work has been featured throughout the world."

Adams is known for his use of commonplace objects in works.

"He's known to work in a kind of Dada tradition [and] assemblage, which is something Picasso also worked with, which is to combine layers and layers and layers like a collage of different materials," Baldissera said.

According to the museum, Love Birds "explores the idea of the interaction between two objects and the language of the space within."