A roadside memorial near Lloydminster, Sask., that was erected in honour of six teenagers killed in a collision with a tanker truck has been vandalized.

Kelsey Appleton, a student at the Lakeline College campus in Lloydminster, was travelling west toward the city Wednesday morning when she noticed the plaques and photo collage at the site had been defaced with black spray paint.

roadside memorial

Faint smudges of black spray paint can still be seen on parts of the collage that forms part of the memorial. (Kelsey Appleton/CBC)

"I couldn't believe that somebody did that. I know if it was my own family, I'd be devastated," said Appleton, who posted about the vandalism on Facebook.

Three boys and three girls died after the crash, which happened about six kilometres southeast of Lloydminster in 2013.

"I'm not close with the families or the kids that passed away," said Appleton. "But even just the respect is definitely not there that should be at a time when people are still mourning this loss. That hurts a lot."

Appleton went to check back on the site later Wednesday morning. The vandalism had been cleaned up.

The spray paint wasn't the first time the memorial had been marked, according to Appleton. She said people had previously shot at it with BB guns.

roadside memorial

BB gun pellet marks from previous acts of vandalism spot the memorial. (Kelsey Appleton/CBC)