The manager of a surgery centre in Regina says his practice and property were vandalized after he received threats.

It started in June when William Abajian, practice manager of Omni Surgery and Anti-Aging Centre, received an unsettling voice mail while vacationing in the U.S.

The call came from a blocked number but the man said he was from B.C., according to Abajian.

"There were some religious undertones in the message, some homophobia, and there was a blatant threat," said Abajian. "He point blank said people are going to do bad things to me." 

The caller then talked about Abajian's family and warned him that some people had strong feelings about his business, which offers cosmetic surgery, skincare and anti-aging services.

William Abajian, OMNI manager

Omni Surgery and Anti-Ageing manager William Abajian said his main concern is employee safety. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

Abajian said the day after he returned from vacation, his car was vandalized with feces after he got home from work. 

He also said Omni's chief financial officer, who is contracted and works off-site, reported experienced something similar — the downtown building she works in had its doors, including the windowpanes, covered with feces.  

"It was pretty vile. It takes a lot to rub that in each pane of the window," said Abajian.

Omni's building has also been vandalized, according to Abajian.

He said the building's locks have been jammed with snapped toothpicks and nails on several occasions, preventing Abajian from unlocking the doors without a locksmith.

Regina police say an investigation is ongoing. No charges have been laid.

​Employee safety main concern

Abajian said he's unsure if the attacks are aimed at him or his business. Either way, he says employee safety is his top priority. 

"You want to come into work feeling safe and comfortable, and that's my priority in the day," said Abajian. "I don't want [employees] to ever have any concerns about their own personal security or even when they leave and go home," said Abajian.

He said he has installed security cameras along with buzzers to get into the building, as well as ensuring employees are walked to their cars at night. 

He also met with staff to keep them informed and address any concerns.

There haven't been any incidents since the security precautions have been put in place, but Abajian said it's disheartening to see this happening to his business.  

"We really do feel comfortable, like we're part of the community now, so for people to reach out to us and do these terrible and vile things, it's scary." 

With files from ICI Saskatchewan