Divisions remain within the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan after months of controversy involving a restructuring plan.

The plan, which was hotly debated at a meeting at the university Thursday, is supposed to address issues related to the accreditation of the school.

At the meeting, the University Council — an official body at the U of S — ultimately approved a restructuring plan, in the face of strenuous opposition from students, residents and faculty over separating the teaching and research functions of the college.

Many were also concerned about the rapid pace of the proposed changes.

The vote to approve the plan passed with 38 in favour, 26 opposed and two abstentions.

A spokesman for medical students was critical of the plan.

"We basically saw the University Council choose to reject the suggestions of medical students and post-graduate medical students as well as medical faculty themselves and go with the recommendations of three men in an ivory tower," Nick Peti, from the Association of Internes and Residents, said.

The current dean of the college said the divisions will heal in time, and after a new dean is in place.

William Albritton steps down in June and said the next dean will have to implement the plan.

"Out of that will come the reconciliation and the repaired relationships for those who feel or misunderstood what was in the concept," Albritton said.

The council did change the time-frame for implementing the changes.

The new structure of the college was supposed to be in place by July.  That has now been put off to January.

With files from CBC's Kathy Fitzpatrick