A candidate for mayor in Regina, Chad Novak, claims the senior advisor to current mayor Pat Fiacco acted in an intimidating way at a recent meeting, an allegation refuted by the aide.

Novak claims Mark Rathwell, the senior advisor to the mayor, approached him during a committee meeting of city council.

"He approached me as the meeting was going and confronted me," Novak said. "And I feel for my safety because of that."

Rathwell said he did go to speak to Novak after the candidate sent him what he felt was an inappropriate message using Twitter.

He added he did not act in an intimidating way nor threaten the man.

"Am I a threatening person? I don't believe that I am," Rathwell said. "I don't believe that I've ever been threatening. Hell I think my ex-wife would probably say I'm a nice guy."

Novak is one of five people who have said they will run for mayor of Regina.

Fiacco announced in February that he would not be seeking re-election.

Rathwell's position as advisor to the mayor is funded by the city.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil