Michael Fougere takes his seat as Regina's new mayor tonight. (CBC)

Regina's new council

Mayor: Michael Fougere

Ward 1: Coun. Barbara Young

Ward 2: Coun. Bob Hawkins

Ward 3: Coun. Shawn Fraser

Ward 4: Coun. Bryon James Burnett

Ward 5: Coun. John Findura

Ward 6: Coun. Wade Murray

Ward 7: Coun. Sharron Bryce

Ward 8: Coun. Michael O'Donnell

Ward 9: Coun. Terry Hincks

Ward 10: Coun. Jerry Flegel

A new era began at Regina city council on Monday night, with Michael Fougere taking the mayor's chair.

Voters chose 10 councillors and Fougere, a veteran city councillor, as the city's 34th mayor on Oct. 24.

He replaces Pat Fiacco, who did not run after 12 years in the city's top spot.

There are also five new councillors.

Fougere and the 10 councillors were sworn in on Monday evening, and they held a short meeting.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Fougere spoke of the many challenges he expects to face as mayor.

"We have a tremendous infrastructure backlog we've got to deal with. I think that's huge. We have a housing crisis, I'll call it, that we need to deal with right away. Those things are very, very important," he said.

"We have to accommodate growth — we have a fast growing city. So, we have lots of good things happening in this city, but we have to ensure momentum continues to go forward."

The first regular meeting of Regina's new city council will take place Nov. 19.

Saskatoon's new city council meets next week.