YouTube video shows a tornado laying waste to the Outlook area. Warning: Contains profanity.

A farmer from the Outlook, Sask., area had his property destroyed but is alive and well after a tornado ripped through his yard on Saturday.

Ray Derdall said he and his son were in their shop on Saturday afternoon, just after dinner, when the twister struck.

"It sounded like a jet aircraft coming at us, so we went back into the shop, watched it for three or four seconds," he said. "It was still coming at us, so my son said ... we have to get outta here."

Seconds later, the tornado struck.

"The wind was so strong, it ripped that door right off the hinges, pinned me on the floor and I couldn't move," he said. "It got so loud, dusty and dirty ... it's unbelievable."

Later he could see what had happened to the farm. Several buildings on the property were smashed or left in rubble.

Grain bins were knocked over and the windows were knocked out of a house.

People in the area recorded a massive twister laying waste to the Outlook area on video.

One video shows the tornado approaching several buildings and ripping them right out of the ground.

In another, Chad Kubashek and his mom were driving by the farm thinking it's smoke from a fire  — before realizing it's a twister.

"Oh my God, I'm so scared," Lorelei Kubashek said as the tornado got bigger and angled towards their speeding vehicle.

"Well, you better drive quick ... just give 'er," Chad Kubashek replied.

They avoided injury, although minutes later they witnessed the devastation in Ray Derdall's farmyard.

More YouTube video

Chad Kubashek and his mother were driving close to Ray Derdall's yard when the tornado struck.