A huge Saskatchewan Roughriders flag, set to be flown on the HMCS Regina, has been delivered to the ship, a gift from a group of elementary students from the ship's namesake city.

Images of the flag, unfurled, were provided by the ship's commander Dan Charlebois, on Monday.

Charlebois said the team flag will be flown, informally, as the ship's battle ensign likely in the next day or so.

Students at École St. Andrew in Regina raised money to get the flag and send it to the ship with some help from the football club.

The students participate in a Club du Souvenir where they research military history and keep in touch with serving military members by sending them care packages from time to time.

"To see it on the ship in the water, the waves behind it, there just really aren't any words to describe that excitement and that feeling of that fulfillment that we did something for the crew to bring them some happiness during their deployment," teacher Carolynne Kobelsky said Monday.

It took the student about four months to raise the money needed for the special project.

students with the roughriders flag

Students from École St. Andrew in Regina, with the flag they sent. (Courtesy: Carolynne Kobelsky)