A business in Regina's north end was hit by a massive blaze Tuesday evening that happened after a grassfire spread.

Shortly before 6 p.m. CST, at least a dozen fire trucks were called to Winnipeg Street, where Bob's Discount Pallets was engulfed in flames.

Traffic was blocked off for several hours.

Deputy fire chief Gerald Kay said the pallet warehouse caught on fire after several grass fires ignited along the railway lines.

David Haley, who was parked in his car at the train crossing nearby, told CBC News he saw how the fire started.

"We had to wait for the train to go by and normally when they brake they leave a bit of brake oil," said Haley.  "I figured, you know, it's not that big of a deal, but then the smoke started happening, the fire started happening."

The main fire was at the pallets business, with other smaller grass fires spreading farther north, said fire officials who feared the flames could ignite a nearby lumber yard.

"The fire was right up against the lumberyard," said Kay. "It appears right now if there is any damage to the lumberyard it would be superficial."

Kay also said firefighters could be on scene late into the evening to make sure the fire doesn't start back up again.